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There is a nice story about this little groundhog. I was walking by the rocks when he/she poked its head out of its burrow in the rocks and I stopped and spoke to him/her, so it came out of his/her burrow and climbed on the rock and I took copious photos of him/her, then slowly moved to the other side of the rock to get a different angle and it’s other side, and didn’t he/she turn so I could only capture the same side, so like humans I felt it considered this it’s better side. Then it went into its burrow and I walked further along the walkway to the other side. It was getting dark so I started back the way I came and behold there was the little one being fed by an older man. It was crawling up his pant leg to get a peanut from the woman that was with him. It was not the least bit concerned about myself and others that were there capturing him/her as he/she was being fed!